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Stockie 8T

Stockie 8T

8T Stockgrid


‘Did I shut the gate?’ Stress less!

The Conron Stockie 8T will take away the worry of leaving the front gate open.

Fully engineered to Australian Standards for 8T axle load rating.

Suitable for up to Single Axle group

Available in

3500 x 2250 x 500 = 2288Kg
4000 x 2250 x 500 = 2628Kg

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Features, standard across the range

  • Fully engineered for shire/council roads and on farm
  • Made from 100% Australian Steel that is heavy duty and hot dipped galvanised
  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS 5100.2
  • Abutments made from 45mpa computer batched concrete with synthetic fibres and steel reinforcement. Being concrete the abutments are highly resistant to the nature’s elements
  • Removable heavy duty cattle rail wings
  • Cast in Swift Lifts for easy installation
  • Grid frame is easy to remove for cleaning under the grid
  • Open ended to allow water through-flow
  • Available in 3 Axle sizes

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