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Stockie 20T

Stockie 20T

20T Stockgrid

The Ultimate Highway Convenience

Fully engineered to Australian Standards for 20T axle load rating/

Suitable for up to Triaxle group

Available in:

3500 x 2250 x 500 = 2576Kg
4000 x 2250 x 500 = 2916Kg

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Features, standard across the range

  • Fully engineered for shire/council roads and on farm
  • Made from 100% Australian Steel that is heavy duty and hot dipped galvanised
  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS 5100.2
  • Abutments made from 45mpa computer batched concrete with synthetic fibres and steel reinforcement. Being concrete the abutments are highly resistant to the nature’s elements
  • Removable heavy duty cattle rail wings
  • Cast in Swift Lifts for easy installation
  • Grid frame is easy to remove for cleaning under the grid
  • Open ended to allow water through-flow
  • Available in 3 Axle sizes

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