lamblot in paddock



The Feeder


Sheep Feed Bunk

The Lamblot Feed Bunk is ideal for feeding sheep and lambs in the paddock, Containment Lots, Drought Lot or Feedlots you name it!

Easy to fill with your feed wagon. Holding approx. .35m3 of feed

Supplied with built in Ferrell’s to easily join bunks together with our galvanised plates for continuous troughing and fence uprights

Dimensions: 3000mm long x 500mm wide
Back Wall Height: 520mm
Front Wall Height: 320mm
Capacity: .35m3
Weight: 808kg

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Features, standard across the range

  • 75mm thick walls and a 100mm base of synthetic fibre
  • Steel reinforced 40 mpa concrete, to maximise the lifespan of your trough
  • Large float area with 2” brass inlet, large enough to accommodate any type of float you wish to install (rigid arm or cord)
  • Smooth finish to prevent water permeation
  • Sturdy but lightweight 5mm galvanized chequerplate lid is easy to lift and gives you plenty of room to access float valve
  • Sweep through access between the float and drinking areas
  • Tapered centre drainage, level with the 4” outlet
  • Troughs are poured as one piece making them sturdy and stockproof

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