100lt Sheep Feedlot Trough

The lambaghini is our 100lt sheep feedlot trough


Lambaghini Sheep Trough

Overall Length 3300mm (9ft drinking space)
Height: 480mm
Drinking Depth: 250mm

Capacity: 100lt
Weight: 556kg

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  • The Conron Lambaghini is our 100lt Concrete Sheep Feedlot Trough
  • Like all our Troughs, the Lambaghini is poured as one piece including the pedestals
  • The Lambaghini is up off the ground to allow wind and dust to blow under the trough, rather than up the walls and into the trough, keeping the water cleaner for longer
  • The Lambaghini fits into your busy schedule by being very quick to clean by featuring a built-in sweep out at the end of the trough. You can leave the water flowing into the trough and sweep out up over the end to clean it.
  • It also has a built in Sump at the Outlet end with a removable stainless-steel basket to catch grain, straw and dirt that enters the trough
  • It is fitted with a 2-inch threaded outlet for quick emptying and easy connection point for continuous flow systems
  • Enclosed float area with a 1-inch Brass inlet for easy connection and features our heavy-duty chequer plate lid for float protection
  • We have also deigned a purpose made Trough Broom for ease of Cleaning
  • The Lambaghini can also be set up to:
    • Have a continuous Flow System
    • Reticulated within the trough
    • Set float to full and use as a sweep out trough.
  • Most importantly, being a concrete trough, the water is kept cooler for longer.
  • Cool water encourages lambs to drink more which in turn improves feed conversions and reduces algae growth.


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