10ft Combo

10ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

For those that prefer double ended trough, the 10ft Sheep/Cattle Combo offers approximately 5ft drinking space on either end of the float box.
10ft Combo Trough

Sweep straight through the float box in both directions, with a tapered base falling away to either end of the trough for easy draining and cleaning.
Dimensions: 3300mm long, 800mm wide and 390mm high
Capacity: 645 Litres
Weight: 1200kg

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Features, standard across the range

  • 75mm thick walls and a 100mm base of synthetic fibre
  • Steel reinforced 40 mpa concrete, to maximise the lifespan of your trough
  • Large float area with 2” brass inlet, large enough to accommodate any type of float you wish to install (rigid arm or cord)
  • Smooth finish to prevent water permeation
  • Sturdy but lightweight 5mm galvanized chequerplate lid is easy to lift and gives you plenty of room to access float valve
  • Sweep through access between the float and drinking areas
  • Tapered centre drainage, level with the 4” outlet
  • Troughs are poured as one piece making them sturdy and stockproof


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