Grain Walls


Conron Grain Wall

Are you looking to store grain, fertiliser, gravel or sand on your property – then look no further than the Conron Grain Wall.
Made from 45 mpa concrete with synthetic fibre and steel reinforcement the Conron Grain Wall will store whatever you need
The Grain Walls are supplied with built in Ferrell’s to easily join together with our galvanised plates
Dimensions: 3000mm long, 1030mm high, 700mm wide (as base)
Weight: 1240kg
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  • Rolled edge for tarp protection
  • Recessed area to lock tarp into place
  • Tarps lock in place with RHS and purpose built brackets
  • Grain Bunker tarps available – call us to discuss sizing
  • Supplied with Swift Lift Lugs for easy installation

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