Concrete Troughs

Built to the highest standard, our user-friendly design offers features that
guarantee a strong, smart and durable concrete trough at a competitive price.

4FT Allrounder

4ft Trough

8FT Lambinator

8ft Sheep / Cattle Trough

16FT Rambo

16ft Sheep / Cattle Trough

8FT Beef Bar

8ft Cattle Trough

16FT Big Beefa

16ft Cattle Trough

10ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

16ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

Tubby 2100L

The Octagonal Trough

Beef Bunk

Open Feed Bunks


The Little Guy

Trough Pad

The Supporter

Float Valves

For all Trough Sizes

Trough Broom

The Cleaner
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