sheep drinking from trough


Concrete Troughs

Built to the highest standard, our user-friendly design offers features that
guarantee a strong, smart and durable concrete trough at a competitive price.

10ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

16FT Big Beefa

16ft Cattle Trough

4ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

16ft Combo

Sheep & Cattle

16FT Rambo

16ft Sheep / Cattle Trough

4FT Allrounder

4ft Trough

8FT Beef Bar

8ft Cattle Trough

8FT Lambinator

8ft Sheep / Cattle Trough

Beef Bunk

Open Feed Bunks


100lt Sheep Feedlot Trough


The Feeder


The Little Guy

Tubby 1000

The Octagonal Trough

Tubby 2100L

The Octagonal Trough

Trough Broom

The Cleaner

Trough Pad

The Supporter

Float Valves

For all Trough Sizes

Valve Boxes

The Valve Box


Our designs offer the following features:

  • Built to last
    Our troughs are poured as one piece making them sturdy and stockproof. Conron Stockcrete troughs are a long-term investment and asset. Built for the next generation.
  • Easy to clean
    Our troughs are easey to clena with their tapered centre drainage which is level with the 4″ outlet and sweep through access vetween the float and drinking areas makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Easy access
    Access to the float valve is easy no matter what size your muscles are. The sturdy but lightweight galvanised chequer plate lid is easy to lift and gives you plenty of room to access your float.
  • Livestock production
    Improve productivity, efficiency and water uality and therefore increase herd health and weigh gains with cooler water and cleaner watering points.
  • Fully tested
    We have tested our trough designs with cattle, sheep and horses and know that they stand the test. No longer will you have an empty tank or trough damage as a result of itchy or curious cattle.
  • Highest spec trough on the market
    We use synthetic fibre, steel reinforcement and 45 mpa computer batched concrete to maximise the life of our troughts. The trough walls are 70mm thick and the base has a thickness of 100mm.

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